Friday, March 28, 2014

Microsoft Office Now Available On iPad

Office for iPad offers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint app functionality with touch-friendly mobile apps is now available. Many Apple devices users (present company included) have patiently waited for an easy way to sync, edit, and present documents created on their non-Mac to tablets and smartphones. The Office apps are all clean and seem to fit right in on an iPad, Office power users will have little trouble navigating these new applications. This is accomplished by nearly identical interfaces, with brightly colored toolbars on top and plenty of space to view the document below.

Excel functionality on my iPad have been a annoyance of mine for now going on 4 years, now I have a new annoyance. Office 365. The home edition of Office 365 is required to enable creating and editing documents and will run you $99.99 per year (although you can view for free). I would much rather have a one time application cost instead of a recurring fee that may be wasted at times.

Apple offers a productivity suite of its own for free, this includes Numbers...which definitely isn't my preference.

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