Wednesday, March 19, 2014

iPad 2 Discountinued

Apple Inc said it would offer an iPad 4 tablet in place of the mid-range iPad 2 at the same price and the company launched a cheaper, lower capacity version of its plastic-backed iPhone 5C in Australia, China and some European countries. The iPad 4 is now available for only $399 for the 16GB Wi-Fi model and $529 for the 16GB WiFi + cellular through ATT, Sprint Corp, T-Mobile US and Verizon.

This move by Apple upgrades the line of new iPads to retina-only for the larger sided tablet, this also eliminates the 32-pin cable for their tablet line. Integration and standardizing on the lightning cable across the entire line of Apple products in definitely the upcoming plan for the company, this leaves only the iPhone 4/4S models relying on the 10 year old cable design. This is likely the reason that Apple also launched an 8GB iPhone 5C version as well.

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