Monday, February 17, 2014

Smarter iPad Cover

A recently uncovered patent filing, titled “Magnetic Attachment Unit”, would provide a mechanism that can be used to “releasably attach at least two objects together in a preferred configuration without fasteners and without external intervention”. This attachment could easily be used to connect any accessory device to the iPad or other tablet and be used to “augment the functionality of usefulness” of the device.

Some idea for a use case for this patent are:
  • writing pad or keyboard
  • secondary touch display or full size iPad connection
  • smarter magnetic recognition

Also, hidden within the patent language is a magnetic ring that can control an iPad's Hall Effect sensor. On current Apple iPad, the Hall Effect sensor is used to determine the existence of the SmartCover. This is used to determine sleep/wake controls within the power state of the tablet. With this newly uncovered feature enabled, a user wearing a magnetic ring ould "swipe" across the sensor to activate certain functions.

This all seems pretty cool..

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