Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Retina iPad Mini Now Available

Many were speculating when Apple would finally make the new retina iPad Mini available after unveiling it last month with a vague November availability date. Following a few rumblings late in the day yesterday, Apple has officially released the new retina iPad Mini with little fanfare. After hearing early this morning, I promptly order the new retina iPad Mini with shipping in 1-3 days for arrival early next week.

It isn't very often the Apple manages to surprise the fanboi community since there are many points that this kind of information is leaked. Now that the retina iPad Mini is available, an iOS 7 jailbreak can be released without leaving any of the latest iOS devices out. Apple sent out an official press release early this morning to announce the immediate availability of Retina iPad Mini...but will only be available for purchase through the Apple Store Online, or Personal Pickup.

Did you get the iPad Air or were you waiting for the retina mini to be released?

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