Tuesday, November 19, 2013

iPad Mini Retina Display

Many of you may still be waiting for the arrival of your shiny new retina iPad Mini, especially if you opted for a 4G connected model.  WiFi models have been arriving to many people already, and there are many thorough reviews already on the street.  The below picture shows from left to right, the iPad Air display, original Mini display and the new retina iPad Mini display for comparison.

Thus far, many opinions are that the improved display on the iPad Mini is not as good as many have hoped.  When compared to the retina iPad Air display, there is noticable diminished color and quality.  But the display is definitely a huge improvement over the original, here is the Safari app icon close up on the retina and non-retina iPad Mini.

Battery life improvement has also been shown in this new smaller tablet from Apple, partly due to the A7 processor.  iOS 7 also deserves some credit for the battery life improvement as well.  This chart below from andandroid shows the battery life and recharging time for various tablets.  Cyclic analysis will surely follow after these batteries are drained a few more times to show battery capacity retention.

What are your initial thoughts on the iPad Mini?  Was it worth the $$ or is it worth a $100 more to step up to the full-size iPad Air instead?

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