Friday, November 1, 2013

iPad Air: Hands On

After stopping by Walmart to buy my iPad Air at a discounted $479 this morning, I have personally finally had a chance to test it out.  First off, I was the only one that showed up to Walmart to buy the iPad Air at 7:45 this morning.  It seemed that there were about 10 in stock with 'more stock in the back' as I was told.

Now on to the iPad Air, obviously the above picture is a screenshot of my iPad Mini jailbroken with an iOS 7 Cydia theme.  I am so happy to have a retina display that is so light in my hands, the iPad Air screen seems much better than I remember.  If you remember, I shattered my retina iPad a few days after the iPad Mini was I just sold the broken iPad on eBay and stuck the mini.

My non-space gray iPad mini looks like a true mini to his bigger brother now, the white/silver iPad Air is much slimmer as well.  After many low supply iPad launches, it seems that Apple finally has it figured out.  I will probably be eating my words in a couple weeks when the iPad Mini Retina is launched.  Rumors are that the retina iPad Mini will be scarce and it will be launched on November 22nd.

After a few hours, I feel that the iPad Air really has lived up to the hype...being a nice upgrade for for iPad fans.  Really the only downside for the iPad Air is the inability to downgrade to iOS 6.1.2 so I can jailbreak it.  An iPad Air jailbreak will probably be available by next month according to progress updates on the iOS 7 jailbreak.

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