Monday, October 28, 2013

Retina iPad Mini, Supply Expected To Be Short Of Demand

The original iPad Mini is available right now, at a discounted $299 due to the upcoming availability of the retina iPad Mini. Smaller retina display availability is expected to make the new iPad Mini harder to find around the upcoming holiday season. Apple said the a retina iPad Mini was the most requested product improvements during the recent Apple Event, leading many to believe that the iPad Mini will continue to be a major part of the overall iPad Sales.

According the iSuppli, the smaller iPad Mini has accounted for over half of sales since it was introduced. The improvements on the full-size iPad Air will likely try to get people to spend the extra $100 for the larger flagship model. Personally, I am going to pass on the Retina iPad Mini..but instead sell my old iPad mini and upgrade to the iPad Air.

Do you think the retina iPad Mini will be in high demand? Are you buying one at launch?

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