Wednesday, October 30, 2013

iPad Air Preview

Over the past 2 days, I have read and watched more than 20 reviews for the newly announced iPad Air.  Nearly every review has been over-the-top in stating how awesome the new iPad Air is...and they are probably right.  iOS 7, A7 processor, along with other battery optimizations have provided some reviewer 11 or 12 hours of brutal battery usage.

Initial battery reports suggest that the iPad Air has the same all day, 10 hour battery life.  Overall, the iPad Air is 30% lighter at 1 pound and 20% thinner at nearly a quarter-inch in thickness.  Apple definitely managed to improve the full-size iPad substantially this time...maybe people will be lining up for the iPad Air.

The iPad Air will be available in more that 20 countries on Friday, November 1st.  Online orders can be picked up at 8am, or you can wait in line in the morning.

Are you buying the new iPad Air?

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