Tuesday, October 22, 2013

475,000 iPad Apps Available

Today at the Apple Event, Apple announced that there are 475,000 iPad Apps available to download from the App Store. Also, Apple announced today in San Francisco that it had sold over 170,000,000 iPads over the past 3 and a half years. Apple also shared that the iPad still was dominating overall tablet usage at 81% share of the total tablet usage.

Apple also announced that over $13 billion dollars has been paid to developers, which is an astronomical amount of money earned from iOS apps. Along with this, Apple revealed today that there are more that 1,000,000 Apps available in the App store for both the iPhone and iPad. This App Store infrastructure has grown quite significantly, but it still seems easy to find that App I am looking for without a lot of clutter.

How many of the 475,000 iPad apps have you tried out?

What are your top 5 most useful iPad apps?

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