Monday, September 30, 2013

iOS 7 Jailbreak

Certainly, an iPhone 4 jailbreak in iOS 7 will be available first due to the bootrom exploit for the A4 processor. If the original iPad was supported in iOS 7, then it would certainly have a jailbreak in iOS 7 very soon as well. Jailbreaking the A5, A5x, A6 and now A7 processors has been much more difficult...requiring multiple exploits within iOS 7 instead.

There have been many photos floating around of jailbroken devices running iOS 7, raising the hopes of many people. The iOS 7 Jailbreak could certainly take up to 6 months based on the increasing difficulty to develop these public jailbreaks.

When do you think an iOS 7 jailbreak will be available?

Are you holding out with your iOS 6.X jailbreak until a jailbreak for iOS 7 is available.

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