Friday, September 20, 2013

Golden iPad Mini

As many of you already know, the golden iPhone 5s has been quite popular and difficult to find. Personally, I was first in line at a Verizon Wireless...but they only had Black and White shipped on launch day. Many are expecting that Apple will release the new retina iPad with an iPad mini redesign, along with possibly a retina iPad Mini.

Redesigning the iPad to offer similar options as the iPhone 5S, many expect the fingerprint sensor to arrive to the newly designed iPad next month. A gold option is certainly also a possibility..especially following the success of the champagne version of the iPhone 5s.

Probably only a few more weeks for the iPad event which will officially make the new iPad versions available before the holidays...Still have the old 30-pin connector on my retina iPad so I am ready to upgrade.

Are you going to upgrade your iPad? Do you have a gold iPhone 5s?

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