Monday, July 1, 2013

Best Features on iPad [iOS 7]

For those currently running a jailbroken iPad, stick with it for the time being. This review is for a buggy iOS 7 beta version on the iPad. There are many good features coming to the iPad and iPhone in iOS 7, many stolen from the jailbreak community.

  • Swipe up for Control Center stolen from SBSettings/Activator
  • Clock app shows actual time stolen from LiveClock
  • Screenshot app switching stolen from Auxo
  • Live wallpaper stolen from LivePapers
  • Panoramic wallpaper
  • Spotlight removed

An iOS 7 jailbreak is also very close based on the images circulating around of Activator running on an iPhone 5 by Ryan Petrich. Big things may be near in the jailbreak community.

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