Monday, July 8, 2013

App Store 5th Anniversary: DEALS

With the App Store milestone coming in a couple days (Wednesday to be exact), a few very popular apps are now being offered for free. App on the iPad which are now free are Where's My Water, Tiny Wings HD, Traktor DJ, and Badland.

Here are the deals that have been spotted so far...$60+ in savings.

Games now free
Infinity Blade II [gone free, was $5.99]
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP [gone free, was $4.99]
Where’s My Water? [gone free, was $5.99]
Badland [gone free, was $2.99]
Tiny Wings [gone free, was $0.99]
Tiny Wings HD [gone free, was $2.99]

Apps now free
Barefoot World Atlas [gone free, was $4.99]
Day One [gone free, was $4.99]
Map My Ride [gone free, was $0.99]
Traktor DJ for iPhone [gone free, was $19.99]
Traktor DJ for iPad [gone free, was $4.99]
Over [gone free, was $1.99]

We will certainly see more deals later this week...just getting started!

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