Thursday, July 18, 2013

Alien Blue Updated For iPad

If you are a redditor and have an iPad, you probably already rely on the Alien Blue App to browse your favorite subreddits on your iPad. Alien Blue has been updated to version 2.2, offering improved support for GIFs, videos, and the Apple TV.

Subreddit moderators tools have also been incorporated into the Alien Blue for iPad app, here is an exhaustive list of the improvements in this version:
  • Brand new Canvas/Image galleries
  • Optimal Album view
  • Canvas support for GIFs and Videos
  • Slideshow with Autoplay (also supports GIFs & Videos)
  • Canvas now supports TV-Out/Apple TV and takes full advantage of your TV’s viewing area
  • Support for Canvas inside comment threads
  • Clipboard detection for Reddit links
  • Ability to view high-resolution images on older devices
  • Ability to view large GIFs in optimal mode
  • YouTube videos now load with zero clutter and play automatically
  • Improved stability for albums with multiple GIFs
  • Improved performance and memory handling for YouTube playback
  • Canvas now supports top/new/controversial sorting
  • Canvas now supports searching
  • Canvas images will require a tap to protect from spoilers
The update for Alien Blue is free as always for owners, and this app is only $3.99 if you haven't tried it out yet. Definitely a must have for iPad redditors.

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