Wednesday, June 19, 2013

iOS 7 On iPad, 2x2 Folder Icons

Typically, I have 4 icons in folders in the dock to provide quick access to more applications though my dock. Currently, iOS 6 (and iOS 7) on the iPhone shows preview with 3x3 for the apps within the folder. Even if there are only 4 inserted in the folder, making them larger would help them stand out a little bit better.

One of the best tweaks for the iPad is 2 by 2, adjusting the UI of your folder display to show previews of 4 apps instead of 9. This is much less cluttered, and can even be more useful. According to the iOS 7 exclusive on the iPad, it appears that folders will display previews in 2x2 mode.

Offering an option for folders would be a nice addition for iOS 7 beta...time will only tell!

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