Monday, April 8, 2013

iPad 5 Release Date [Rumor]

Many people are calling the next 5th generation iPad, the iPad 5, and many are hoping for a redesign of the popular retina tablet. Last fall, Apple gave the iPad 3rd-generation a minor update to introduce the lightning connector along with the iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Rumors are that the iPad 5 will include iPad Mini like design with a smaller bezel and more sleek design.

Along with a redesigned iPad 5, the iPad mini may also be upgraded to a retina version in the coming weeks. It has been quite some time since the last Apple event for an iOS device, with back-to-back events in the fall before Christmas. I am anxious to get new iPad 5 in my grips, hopefully with iOS 7...although a major iOS update will probably come closer to June along with a new iPhone minor update.

Many are expecting an Apple event in late April or early May...fingers are crossed.

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