Friday, April 26, 2013

10 Reasons To Jailbreak Your iPad

There are dozens of useful tweaks for your jailbroken iPad, but definitely not all tweaks are for everyone. Cydia tweaks typically are a matter of preference in the way that iOS operates, which is definitely a judgement call for each jailbreaker. There are a few old tweaks, and a couple new ones in the video below...enjoy.

F.lux (FREE) - warms up brightness of screen at night
SwipeSelection (FREE) - Simple, intuitive keyboard gestures
Emblem ($2.99) - OS X styled notifications
LivePapers (Free/$0.99 ea)- Animated wallpapers for your iPad
Dashboard X 2.0 ($1.99) - Homescreen widgets in Cydia
Springround ($0.99) - Access your springboard icons with Activator
Springtomize ($2.99 upgrade/$4.99) - Ultimate Cydia tweak for springboard customizations
NCSettings (FREE) - Widget toggles for WiFi, Bluetooth, and many others
Barrel ($2.99) - Customized icon transition animations
MultiIconMover (FREE) - Springboard editing made easy with Cydia

Here is a gif for Badge Customizer as well...

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