Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gridlock 2.0 Available In iOS 6

Earlier this afternoon, Grant Paul tweeted that Gridlock 2.0 was updated for iOS 6. Gridlock is a popular paid tweak that has been around for quite some time in Cydia, allowing users to place their icons wherever they want on the springboard.

Originally, Gridlock was $0.99 and included a free update from iOS 4 to iOS 5. Due to complications in getting this tweak to function correctly, a $1.99 upgrade (and $4.99 new purchase) price is required to install Gridlock 2.0 on your jailbroken iPad.

Gridlock is available in Cydia, no need to rely on blank icons (iBlank) to give the illusion of spaces between your icons. Gridlock will set your jailbroken iPad free!

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