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February Jailbreak Tweaks [Cydia]

The guys on Reddit at /r/jailbreak have done a nice job summarizing the new tweaks for February. Many of these tweaks are very useful, and some may not play well with others...but here they are for your enjoyment. The ones that I downloaded are in bold, drop a comment with your MUST HAVES!

2x2 Folder Icons [$0.99, BigBoss] - 2x2 Folder Icons tweak that you get with Ayecon, if you already own Ayecon you get this for free. Honestly I don't know why you wouldn't just use KShizoku's 2x2 folder icon tweak. It's free and AFAIK he's not ripping off of Surenix's work.

AccountChanger TS [$1.99, BigBoss] - Lets you easily switch between app store accounts.

ActiveDock [$1.99, BigBoss] - Modifies the iOS dock to behave more like the dock in OS X. There's an indicator when an app is running, and apps bounce whenever you have unread notifications.

AirFloat [Free, BigBoss] - Turns device into AirPlay audio receiver.

AirplaneScheduler [$1.49, ModMyi] - Schedule the activation and deactivation of airplane mode.

AlwaysClose [Free, ModMyi] - Always shows the close button in the app switcher.

Animer - Animates notification banners.

Appcap [Free, ModMyi] - Set limits on how long you can use an app.

AssistantEnhancer [$1.99, Requires Siri, BigBoss] - Adds more functionality to Siri. Integration with Spotify, Pandora, and Grooveshark; search for local events; search Amazon, Ebay, Google Images, etc; and more.

AutoLSMusicControls [Free, BigBoss] - Automatically shows lockscreen music controls when music is playing.

BatteryPeek [Free, BigBoss] - Displays battery level using Activator, useful if you've hid it from the status bar.

BTNotificationEnabler [Free, BigBoss] - Sends notifications over MAP.

BoltApp [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you add music to without iTunes, free alternative to Bridge.

Do Not Disturb Toggle [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you toggle Do Not Disturb using Activator

DoNotDiscriminate [Free, BigBoss] - Enables the camera grabber on iPads.

Enable WebGL [Free, ModMyi] - Enables WebGL support in browsers.

EUUnlimited [Free, BigBoss] - Removed the volume limit set by the European Union. (To European Redditors: is this tweak actually useful?)

FastForward [Free, BigBoss] - Lets you watch videos faster.

FlagPaint Lite [Free, BigBoss] - Lite version of the paid app, tints banners based on the icon color.

Flex [$3.99, BigBoss] - An impressive tweak that allows you to make patches which override function return values. Essentially allows you to create your own small tweaks.

FullForce for iPhone [$0.99, BigBoss] - Makes applications show in fullscreen mode for the iPhone 5.

Gearboy [Free, ModMyi] - Gameboy and Gameboy Color emulator.

%hook's law [Free, ModMyi] - A tweak by chpwn, makes your springboard springier.

HUD Sliders [Free, BigBoss] - Adds a volume/brightness slider to the volume popup HUD.

IPActivator [Free, ModMyi] - Use an Activator shortcut to display your IP address.

InfinityTask [$2.49, BigBoss] - Remove 10 minute limitation on backgrounded tasks, adds option to open a url in a new tab in Safari or Chrome when copied.

Instahancer [$0.99, ModMyi] - Adds more functionality to the Instagram app such as saving photos, sending as email attachments, zooming in, and saving caption drafts.

InstaSave [Free, BigBoss] - Saves Instagram photos to your Camera Roll.

IntelliScreenX 6 [$10 for buyers after 12/1/12, $5 upgrade fee for those earlier, free trial available, ModMyi] - Adds notification center widgets, facebook, twitter, mail+, RSS, messages+, and more to your lockscreen and notification center.

iTransmission 3 [Free, ModMyi] - New iTransmission client.

LivelyIcons [$1.99, BigBoss] - A tweak by FilippoBiga, all proceeds go to pediatric cancer research. Makes icons animate when tapped on.

LivePapers [Free, BigBoss] - Adds live wallpapers to iOS.

LLBiPT5 [Free, BigBoss] - Enables Low-Light Boost mod on iPod Touch 5th gen cameras.

Lockdown Lite, Lockdown Lite iPad, Lockdown Pro iPad [Free, Free, $2.99, BigBoss] - Various versions of the Lockdown Pro tweak. Lets you set passwords for apps, folders, photos, etc.

LockInfo 5 [$7.99, free for owners of LockInfo 4, free trial available, ModMyi] - Popular lockscreen tweak completely rewritten for iOS 5 and 6.

LockMemosPlus [$0.99, BigBoss] - Set alerts to remind of you of things when you wake your device/unlock it.

Maximization [Free, ModMyi] - Run apps in fullscreen mode.

More Icons [$1.49, $0.99 if you've bought Shrink, BigBoss] - Adds more icons to the springboard, similar to Iconoclasm.

Music Controls Pro 6.x [45.99, BigBoss] - Adds more functionality to the music app. Swipe controls, video backgrounding, NC widgets, etc.

MuteIcon [Free, BigBoss] - Adds an indicator to the status bar when the device is muted.

MyVibe [$1.99, BigBoss] - Disables vibrate when your iDevice is placed on a flat surface, enables Do Not Disturb when placed upside down on a flat surface. MyWi 6.0 [$20 for buyers after 12/1/12, $5 upgrade fee for those earlier, free trial available, ModMyi] - Popular tethering application with a deep amount of features.

NeverLost [Free, BigBoss] - No alerts when signal is lost.

NowPlaying on Status Bar [Free, BigBoss] - Shows the current song in the status bar.

PageJumps [Free, BigBoss] - Jump to Springboard pages using icons.

Pages+ [$1.99, ModMyi] - Lets you customize your springboard wallpaper.

Pages+ - Bug Fix [Free, BigBoss] - Fixes the bug that caused devices using Pages+ and FolderEnhancer to crash.

PicArchiver [Free, BigBoss] - Removes SnapChat's time limit, removes self-destruction, control sending of read receipts, save pictures and videos.

Phantom [Free, BigBoss] - Removes SnapChat's time limit, save pictures to camera roll, removes screenshot notifier, send things longer than 10 second limit.

PhotoFilters [$1.00, BigBoss] - Instagram-esque photo filters right inside the Camera and Photo app.

PowerMusic MiniPlayer [$2.00, BigBoss] - Allows you to pick songs from your lockscreen and notification center.

Quick Reply for Viber [Free Trial, $1.99 Yearly Subscription, BigBoss] - Allows for quick reply with the app Viber.

QuickShoot [Free, BigBoss] - Double tap the lockscreen camera grabber to quickly take a picture. (currently broken)

Remote Messages 2 (iOS 6+) [$2.50, BigBoss] - Send SMS and iMessages via your browser.

RingerX Lite [Free, BigBoss] - Lite version of RingerX VIP.

Rinngo [$4.99, BigBoss] - Lets you create ringtones directly in

SafariSwipez [Free, BigBoss] - Swipe away cards to close tabs in Safari.

Screen Extender [Free, BigBoss] - Makes apps take up the full screen on the iPhone 5.

Shake Air [Free, BigBoss] - Shake device on lockscreen to enable airplane mode.

Signal 2 [$3.99, ModMyi] - Tweak from planetbeing, gives you details about cell towers you are connected to.

Still Capture Enabler 2 [Free, BigBoss] - Enables camera still-from-video feature.

SubtleLock [$1.00, BigBoss] - Slims down the time/date and slider bars in order to show more of the lockscreen wallpaper.

SwitcherAnimation [Free, ZodTTD] - Change switcher animation from flip to fade.

Tall Screen [Free, BigBoss] - Stretches apps to fit the iPhone 5 screen.

Tap to Note [$0.99, BigBoss] - Add a quick note via the Notification Center.

Tap to Remind [$0.99, BigBoss] - Add a quick reminder via the Notification Center.

Total Backup [Free, BigBoss] - Backup .debs, SMS, contacts, call history, notes, photos.

TwitkaFly 6.0+ [$3.99, BigBoss] - Tweet using activator, quick reply options, and more.

TypeStatus [Free, BigBoss] - iMessage typing indicator in the status bar, works in any app.

TypingPrivacy [$0.99, BigBoss] - Doesn't let people know when you start typing a response in iMessage.

Unpower [Free, BigBoss] - Plays a sound when you disconnect your device from a charger.

Unveil [Free, ModMyi] - Shows notifications while using Siri.

Usage [Free, BigBoss] - Sends you a text of your data plan usage whenever you want.

YFiSelect 5.0+ [$2.49, BigBoss] - Lets you quickly select a WiFi network via Activator or SBSetting's WiFi toggle.

What are your favorites??

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