Thursday, March 28, 2013

Badge Customizer [Gif]

We made this gif to showcase what the free Cydia tweak Badge Customizer can do with your iPad jailbreak.

Notification badges have options to set the color, size, tranparency, and location in your settings app. Each change in settings will require a respring of your iOS 6 device. Color preview would be nice since time seems to drag when you are constantly respringing your jailbroken iOS device.

Here are the options you can set for your notification badges:
  • Color - RGB toggles along with blend mode selection
  • Size - Badge size toggle with 0.0 default badge size
  • Transparency - Badge Alpha setting, default is opaque 1.0
  • Location - Top Left/Right/Center and Bottom Left/Right/Center as options
Install Badge Customizer on your jailbroken iOS 6 device today for FREE.

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