Friday, February 22, 2013

Ryan Petrich Tweaks [Guide]

Guide to Ryan Petrich Tweaks via r/jailbreak on Reddit

Also embedded the Ryan Petrich keynote at WWJC 2012 this past September at the bottom. If you haven't jailbroken your iPad yet, below is a guide with nearly 50 tweaks er reasons to put Cydia on your iPad! Personally, I use more than 10 of these on a daily basis on my jailbroken iPad and iPhone 5.

Action Menu: Integrates a variety of actions with every application on the device.

Activator: Every touch of your screen or button does something amazing.

Anispeed: adjust animation speed.

Applist: Allows devs to query list of installed apps and provide preference pane. Basically everything uses this. It runs quietly in the background.

Autocorrection bar: Enables keyboard autocorrection bar like android.

Belfry: Stock ipad apps on your 5.0.1 ipad

Browser Chooser: Switch default browsers

CaptainHammer: Debug Tool

ChromeCustomization: Adds gestures, read later, block lists, and more to Google Chrome browser from app store.

Color Profiles: Custom Color Profiles for your phone.

ContactPrivacy: Prompts when apps are sneaky and try to access your contacts. (Why does calculator app need your contacts)?

Curiosa: Background updates and notifications for Cydia

DeepEnd: Wallpaper shift based on orientation

DietBar: Shrinks the height of most in-app navigation bars. Reclaim your pixels.

DietBulletin: Skinny Bulletins

DisplayEffects: experimental effects for iOS Mainly written in Objective-C.

DisplayOut: Mirror Device to TV

Display Recorder: Record Display in Full Time

FullForce: Force full screen on iPad.

Icon Renamer: Rename icons right on your SB

Icon Rotator: Home Screen Icons rotate based on orientation. Status bar doesn’t move so it is different than SBRotator. InlineWebMedia: ??

KBThemer: Theme the keyboard.

LayerSnapshotter: Adds API To snapshot UIViews. (Quietly Runs in Background. You probably have it installed).

LiveClock: Clock Icon shows current time

MathAlarm: Solve Math problems to turn off Alarm. Force yourself awake.

Monocle: Fullscreen for everything using Shake and Bake

MoreLines in NC: Configure Line Count in NC

MusicBanners: Display banners for track changes in NC and as Alerts in LS NoCoverFlow: Disables Cover flow in iPod/Music App. (YAY!!)

NoNewsIsGoodNews: The #1 requested tweak. Rids you of most pointless apple “app.”

Overboard: Allows more than 11 springboard pages. Great if used with iconoclasm.

PagePusher: Page-curl animations instead of push-in animations

ProSwitcher: Palm Pre-syled application switcher

PulltoDismiss: Dismiss Keyboard by scrolling in apps where scrolling list and keyboard show together.

RetinaPad: Enable Retina Dispay for iphone apps on iPad. True “2x” mode

RichText for Mail: Compose and reply to emails with custom fonts, colors, and styles.

Rotation Inhibitor: SBS Addon. Essentially rotation lock for SBS.

RunningIndicator: Adds glowing indicator and optional close button to icons on your SB that are currently running.

SendAny/ReceiveAny: Send / receive files over Imessage. Send /

Receive DRM free music from iPod with Action Menu add on. Two different tweaks.

Spire: The original Siri Port. 5.0.1. Used same unencrypted 5.0.1 file that brough you belfry.

SplitMail for iPad: Split style Mail in iPad Mail in Portrait

SwitcherMod: Customizes App Switcher: Show close buttons by default. Shows inactive apps transparent (or remove recents), Reorder multitasking list. (How have I never heard of this. It’s AMAZING!)

SuperScroller: Paged and continuous scrolling via activator. Alternate way to scroll.

UpsideDown: Allows Upside Down for apps that support portrait. Never need to know which way the home button is facing when you wake up in the middle of the night grabbing for your phone.

VoiceKeys: Dictate Text Via Google Speech. Addon to action menu.

VPN Toggle: THANK YOU! SBS Addon to turn on VPN.

WiCarrier: Replace Status Bar Carier Name with Currently Connected WiFi Network.

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