Monday, February 25, 2013

Piano Passcode Jailbreak

There is some buzz on /r/jailbreak about a piano based passcode method for your iPad jailbreak. Many of you may remember detailed piano passcode from the Goonies movie or what Alfred does in Dark Knight Rises. A jailbreak tweak with a piano passcode seems like a pretty useful idea, especially if you already have a passcode on your iPad or iPhone.

I suspect that a new jailbreak tweak with a piano passcode will be released by the end of the week since jailbreak developers are typically pretty responsive to these sorts of ideas. Should this be a free tweak or is it worth $0.99 for a good piano passcode lock?


  1. Make it free and have an optional donation.

  2. Do as the anon says and make it free with a donate option. This would be absolutely fantastic.


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