Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Animated Wallpaper On iPad With LivePapers

Animated wallpapers are fun, but can also be draining to your battery. Porkholt Labs updated LivePapers in Cydia to support your jailbroken iPad and iPhone to integrate live, animated, and interactive wallpapers. Using OpenGL ES to provide smooth animations with great performance in iOS, the animated wallpaper freezes after 40 or so seconds to further conserve your precious battery.

Animated wallpaper on the lockscreen is also interactive as well, making it more fun for the kids as well. LivePaper is available for free with a sample bubble wallpaper, advance configurable options require the purchase of $0.99 for the bubble and Nexus themed wallpaper.

Hopefully 3rd party developers will integrate more live animated wallpaper options for your jailbroken iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. LivePapers interface and animations is much better than an alternative called vWallpapers, head over to Cydia and try out the animated wallpapers on your iPad for FREE!

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