Tuesday, January 22, 2013

iPad Mini, Many Colors

Anostyle is now offering you an alternative to your boring white or black colored iPad Mini (or iPhone 5). For a couple hundred bucks, Anostyle will anodize the aluminum on your iPad Mini to a color of your liking. The red and blue look very sharp, personally I have a black iPhone 5 and iPad Mini but definitely do like a couple of these options.

The iPhone 5 anodization looks very cool with accents to the glass backing near the antennas/camera. I think I would colorize my iPhone 5 before I'd do the iPad Mini since I normally have it covered.

The whole process takes a couple weeks, leaving you with an iDevice that is different from the black and white world that Apple lives in... :)

If you can't have a jailbroken iPad, then you may as well have a custom colored one!

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