Wednesday, January 23, 2013

iPad Mini, iPhone 5 Jailbreak

After the temporary excitement of the fake DreamJB right before Christmas left many jailbreak hopefuls sad, there is some jailbreak excitement buzzing on Twitter. Even TechCrunch wrote an article discussing the state of the iPhone 5 (and iPad Mini) jailbreak in iOS 6. Sarah Perez did a great job outlining the steps to creating a userland jailbreak, and the difficult specifically with the iPhone 5 and new iPad Mini.

As many of you iPhone 4 owners know, the iPhone 4 will always be jailbroken since GeoHot and company found a bootrom exploit to permanently gain access Cydia on the iPhone 4. The 1st generation iPad is also jailbroken for the current version of iOS, but Apple decided to leave the original iPad owners out of the iOS 6 update.

Be sure to check out the TechCrunch summary if you are a newbie to the jailbreak community to fully appreciate what the jailbreak developers are trying to do for patient iPhone 5 and iPad Mini owners.

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