Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Corona 5.0.1 Untether Updated To 1.0-7

A few days ago, redsn0w was updated to fix iBooks DRM issues which resulted in images not displaying properly. Saurik announced through twitter that Corona has been updated to version 1.0-7 to correct the iBooks issues. This untether cydia package applies to the original iPad and other A4 or older supported devices.

Zeppelin Custom Carrier Logos (Cydia Tweak)

Typically, I replace the standard Verizon logo on my status bar with customized text instead. Zeppelin, the latest free cydia tweak, allows you to choose from 11 different custom logos for your status bar instead. These logos add a nice touch to your iPad and iPhone, the Android icon being the most ironic?

Logos to choose from are:
  • Android
  • Aperture Science
  • Assassin's Creed
  • Batman
  • Beats by dre
  • Blue Cloud
  • Infiniti
  • Pac-Man
  • Space invaders
  • Superman
  • Triforce
What logos would you like to see added?

The Zeppelin Cydia tweak is available for FREE from Cydia, just another good reason to jailbreak your iPad!

iPad Average Selling Price

Last week, Apple reported that over 15 million iPads and 37 million iPhones were sold in Q1 2012 with quarterly revenue of more than $46 billion. With the iPad production cost being under $300 nearly a year ago, Apple can certainly afford to drop the price a little with the introduction of the iPad 3.

The pricing structure for the iPad (and iPad 2) has not changed, but the average purchase price according to the number of units sold and the revenue earned has dropped to under $600 again.

iPhone 4S Glass Screen Protector

The guys at spigen are featuring a rugged tough iPhone screen protector, made of glass. Who would have thought that adding 0.4mm more thickness of glass on the face of your iPhone would provide protection. In the video below, they take a screwdriver, razorblade, and a drill to the face of the iPhone with no visible scratches resulting. Check out the GLAS.t video below:

How many would be interested in this (assuming it works) for their iPad?

12.01.31 iPad Breakfast

Best Under $50: Koss Timeless Porta Pros

Monday, January 30, 2012

Verizon iPad Bundle

It looks like Apple will be bundling the iPhone and iPad data on a plan may actually be in the testing stage. It looks like Engadget got a tip that new packages will be rolling out soon to bundle the iPad data usage. A new section in the Verizon software suggests that you may be able to share data for a family plan much like you do with your minutes.

I dropped my iPad 2 data plan after a couple months, and instead tether my iPad 2 to my iPhone 4S when non-WiFi data is necessary. Sounds like good news maybe coming from Verizon, possibly foreshadowing the new iPad 3 release?

iPad Cydia Tweak: SBStickyNotes

At the beginning of 2012, @fr0zensun released SBStickyNotes for the iPad. SBStickyNotes allows you to create and save an icon linked to a specific note that you have created. This new icon on your springboard will open up a window to view the "sticky note". This Cydia tweak integrates directly into your Notes application, with a new option to pin the note to the springboard of your iPad.

There is not a new icon created for this tweak when installed from Cydia. SBStickyNotes will add a new extension to your settings to customize animation and the top bar tint color.

SBStickyNotes is available for FREE from the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

iPad 3 Rumor Roundup

The iPad 2 thickness reduction was a surprise to many at the iPad 2 event last year, with the reduction being from 13.4 millimeters to 8.8 millimeters. http://www.ilounge.com/index.php/backstage/comments/hope-to-see-the-next-ipad-at-ces-you-might-without-knowing-it/ claims to have handled an iPad 3 prototype, providing the media some insight on what to expect from Apple for the iPad 3.

iPad 3 Thickness

The iPad 3 is supposed to be a little thicker than the iPad 2, but only 1 mm thicker or so. This would bring the overall thickness of the iPad 3 to nearly 10mm, as compared to the original iPad at 13.4 mm. Making it thinner and lighter with a more power hungry retina display iPad and 4G antenna is probably not possible.

4G iPad 3 Support (Verizon, AT&T)

The iPad 3 is expected to include a Verizon LTE antenna, bringing download speeds of upto 10 times that of the 3G iPad. 4G LTE coverage has arrived to many cities, leading many to believe that Apple will finally bring 4G to their devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 included 4G LTE support back in July and many Android smartphones have already been upgraded to the 4G system.

A6 Processor For iPad 3

Apple is expected to keep the iPad 2 in their lineup, possibly at a reduced price to compete with the Kindle Fire. The new iPad 3 will likely receive an upgrade to the Apple A6 processor. The A6 processor is rumored to be a quad-core chip to give the iPad 3 a power boost to support enhanced graphics for faster gaming/apps.

iPad 3 Jailbreak

Hopefully, the Apple A6 quad-core processor will leave the jailbreak community a little wiggle room for access to an exploit to easily jailbreak A6-powered devices. Currently, the A4 powered iPhone 4 and 1st generation iPad have an exploit for easy jailbreak access for a tethered jailbreak to Cydia. The iPhone 4S and iPad 2 have been difficult to jailbreak, due to the A5 processor.

Front Facing Camera for iPad 3

This camera will likely be upgrade to an HD camera in the iPad 3, to improve video chatting through Facetime and other methods. Personally, I use the front-facing iPad 2 camera more than the back-facing one, and I really don't think the rear camera is really necessary.

iPad 2 Will Stay To Compete With Kindle Fire

After 40 million or so iPad 2's being produced, Foxconn and company have gotten pretty good at it. Apple is expected to drop the price down for the base-model iPad 2 to $299, since the original iPad was ditched when the new iPad 2 arrived.

iPad 3 Battery Life

Many are expecting that Apple will take full advantage of increasing the thickness of the iPad 3 by enlarging the battery. A retina display and 4G connection may result in the same 10 hour battery life with a larger battery footprint, I would be surprised if Apple managed to get more battery life with the A6 dual-core processor, retina display and 4G connectivity.

Smaller 7-inch iPad

There may be a market between the iPad at 9.7 inches and the iPhone at 3.5 inches. A study found that women prefer a 7 inch tablet over a 10-inch tablet, which may direct Apple to fill the market with an iPad Mini. This is definitely a possibility, but I don't think Apple could keep the lid down this tight with the smaller touchscreen requirements.

iPad 3 Arrival Date

March 2010 and March 2011 were big for the iPad and iPad 2, respectively. Many (including myself) are expecting the next iPad to arrive in the next 4-6 weeks, be sure to follow us here at iPadJailbreak.com for the latest rumors, Apple event information, and dates for the iPad 3.

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

iPad Cydia Tweak: Gtrends For Notification Center

Gtrends for NotificationCenter is a pretty simple and free cydia tweak for your iOS 5 notification center. This tweak shows you the latest and greatest according to Google and will open a search window in a new tab of Safari if you select a particular search term. Check out our video demo for this cydia tweak.

GTrends for NC is looks pretty clean in your Notification Center, and shows you the top 20 google search terms that are trending. These are constantly updated, and have changed a couple times in the past hour.

GTrends is available for 11 different countries including the United States, UK, Japan, Canada, and Australia.  The search trends shown in the top 20 will be based of your country/region selection.

GTrends for Notification Center is available for free in Cydia. Check it out if you don't want to miss out on something big on the internet...at least for a short time.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cydia iPad Tweak: Vexillum

Vexillum comes from @iStopped and allows you to change the font and banner color on your notification bar. This tweak is a nice alternative to overpriced ColorBanner tweak released for $1.99. Even Jeff at iDownloadBlog.com thinks this tweak is overpriced, and should probably be less than $1 or free.

Vexillum was a little difficult to set the colors at first, but iStopped helped figure out how to make Orange. This is a very simple tweak to create, and with the RGB settings you should be able to set your notification bar banner and fonts to the colors of your liking. For FREE from Cydia.

15 Million iPads, 37 Million iPhones

Overall, Apple’s quarterly revenue was reported for Q1 2012 was reported at $46.33 billion, which is well above the $37 billion guidance Peter Oppenheimer issued back in October. Apple announced sales of 37.1 million iPhones, 15.4 million iPads, and 5.2 million Macs. Apple managed to crush the expectations for their iPhone

Here is a chart of the iPad sales since its inception in 2010

“We’re thrilled with our outstanding results and record-breaking sales of iPhones, iPads and Macs,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. “Apple’s momentum is incredibly strong, and we have some amazing new products in the pipeline.”

iPad Cydia Tweak: Belfry

If you are like me, you have often wondered why Apple left a few of their stock iPhone apps off of the stock iPad. Nonetheless, Ryan Petrich has developed a FREE cydia tweak called Belfry which will get the 6 stock iPhone apps installed on your iPad, such as the Compass, Stocks, and Voice Memos. There are, of course, other ways around this but Belfry is by far the simplest way to get these apps running on your iPad

The Belfry Cydia tweak will put the following applications onto your jailbroken iPad.
  • Clock.app
  • Calculator.app
  • Compass.app
  • Voice Memos.app
  • Stocks.app
  • Weather.app
It is important to note that you will also want to install the RetinaPad Cydia tweak which increases the resolution of iPhone apps (i.e. Calculator.app). As Ryan notes, Apps will have graphical oddities and some broken appearance until this can be improved upon.

Again, Belfry is available for FREE from the BigBoss repo on Cydia.

iPad Cydia Tweak: Barrel For iOS 5

Barrel is the brainchild of Aaron Ash, and is one of the best reasons to jailbreak your iPad and iPhone 4S. Barrel provides 18 different page transitions on your springboard. Barrel doesn't work if you are still running an archaic version on your iPad (iOS 3.2). This cydia tweak has received multiple updates, it is currently on version 1.5.8-1 which added support for iOS 5 and introduced the "Merry-Go-Round" mode.

All 18 different screen paging transitions are all show in the video:
  1. Cube (inside)
  2. Cube (outside)
  3. Page Slide Down
  4. Page Slide Up
  5. Curl and Roll Away
  6. Curl and Roll Away Alternate
  7. Vertical scrolling
  8. Page Fade (my favorite)
  9. Stairs (down right)
  10. Stairs (down left)
  11. Page Squeeze
  12. Icon Collection
  13. Icon Scatter
  14. Carousel
  15. Flippy
  16. Page Zoom
  17. Pac-Man
  18. Merry-Go-Round

12.01.27 iPad Breakfast

Also, Must-have iPad Cydia Tweak: Springtomize 2

Siri Humor: Big Bang Theory

What I picture Siri to look like!

Siri Humor

What can I help you with?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

DCMA Jailbreak Petition

Planetbeing and MuscleNerd are promoting this petition to keep jailbreaking legal! Show your support...


Over 30 Million iPhone 4S Sold

According to AllThingsD, it appears that 89% of all iPhones sold from October to December are the iPhone 4S. I have been seeing iPhone's in the hands of many of my family members and coworkers in the past couple months. Here is the breakdown of the survey results:
  • iPhone 4S accounted for 89% of iPhone sales (16GB - 45%, 32GB - 34%, 64GB - 21%)
  • iPhone 4 accounting for 7% of iPhone sales
  • iPhone 3GS accounting for 4% of iPhone sales
  • 1-in-5 iPhone buyers upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S
  • 42% broke existing carrier contracts to get the new iPhone 4S
Finally, manufacturing margins on the iPhone 4S are 71-73% according to AppleInsider, see below:

iPad Cydia Tweak: MultiIconMover

This is one of my must have Cydia tweaks for your iPad (and iPhone) since it can be a huge timesaver for organizing your Springboard. A few of my friends have never spent the time to organize the icons on their springboard due to the inconvience of moving one icon at a time. This tweak allows you to select (with a red checkmark) all of the icons you would like to move, and press the home button on the page you'd like them to land.

Most importantly, this tweak is available for FREE from Cydia. Check it out...

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Liquipel iPhone Testing

A couple weeks ago, we showcased the Liquipel waterproof coating at CES 2012. This video below was posted after someone received the iPhone 4 back from Liquipel. The experience wasn't too good since it seemed to take such a long time to get the iPhone back from Liquipel. Even after overnighting the return shipment from Liquipel, the iPhone 4 was out of his hands for 12 days.

The guy at Waterproof iPhone had an extra iPhone 4 (owns the iPhone 4S too) to send in, so it wasn't a big deal to be without his main cell for nearly 2 weeks. Do you think you could be without your iPhone for that long?

Cydia iPad Tweak: Iconoclasm

This tweak allows you to setup custom springboard layouts for your icons. I have been unable to get Springtomize 2 to do this in iOS 5, so have reverted back to one of my older tweaks to get my custom icon layouts. Iconoclasm from Cydia goes well with Gridlock, which allows you to put icons where you like on your springboard with blank icons

Iconoclasm runs $2.99 from Cydia, and is a pretty nice tweak with many additional icon layouts available from Cydia for free. What do you think?

Tiny Tower Vs Dream Heights

I looks like NimbleBit is the latest to be duplicated by Zynga. Zynga probably has a department in-charge of selecting the games to copy.

Here is their open letter to Zynga...in comic form

Via Reddit /r/iPhone

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

37 Million iPhones

Apple managed to sell over 37 million iPhones in the last quarter. Apple announced in November that the iPhone 3GS [Free], iPhone 4 [$99] and iPhone 4S [$199+] would expand its lineup of iOS handheld devices. Apple doubled iPhone sales from last quarter, and increase of nearly 20 million units.

Apple and the iPhone 4S is making a significant dent in the smartphone market, just think what would have happened if Apple would have released an "iPhone 5" instead of the small update in the iPhone 4S.

Logging On To iPad [Humor]

I don't ever remember logging on to my iPad, since it isn't a slow ass Windows PC that takes 2-10 minutes to function. But I guess that one could be slightly confused when running out of vodka...

Via: BestWTF.com

I know, now you want to download the Etch-A-Sketch iPad app...

iPad Cydia Tweak: FullScreen For iPad 2 [Safari]

If you are looking to take full advantage of your jailbroken iPad 2 running Safari, this is definitely the Cydia tweak for you. FullScreen For iPad is much more than the title states, as it turns Safari on your iPad into a real multitouch browser. There are half a dozen different gestures that you can set, along with a shake to toggle setting that allows a senstivity adjustable shake set to an action in Safari.

This is a Cydia tweak for your iPad and does not install a new app to your homescreen. Customize your preferences in the Settings app under the extension for your iPad.

FullScreen for iPad is available for $1.99 from the ModMyi repo in Cydia.

Apple Q1 Earnings Call

Overall, Apple’s quarterly revenue is expected to be just over $39 billion, this is slightly higher than the $37 billion guidance Peter Oppenheimer issued back in October. Analysts are prediciting that Apple will annnounce sales of 30.2 million iPhones, 13.6 million iPods, 13.3 million iPads and 5.1 million Macs. We'll see how close these estimates turn out to be during the Apple Q1 2012 Conference Call.

Check here to Listen to Apple's Q1 2012 Conference Call

Many were disappointed with the 11 million iPads sold last quarter, some inflated expectations neared 20 million units. Holiday sales certainly gave a bumy to the sales, especially with the significant bump in tablet ownership. Amazon definitely created a price war of sorts, but are selling each unit at a loss...

Install Siri On iPad 2

Many of you have requested the ability to install Siri on your iPad, well it is a complicated process. Jeff over at iDownloadBlog created the tutorial below to install the Spire jailbreak tweak.

I really enjoy having Siri on my iPhone 4S, but haven't really missed it on my iPad 2 yet. Apple really should just make Siri available for the iPad 2 since the specifications are almost exactly the same as the Siri enabled iPhone 4S.

Check out the 10 Step process at iDB to install Siri onto your iPad 2.

12.01.24 iPad Breakfast

Monday, January 23, 2012

Almost 1 Million A5 Jailbreaks

Here is the breakdown for A5 Jailbreaks

The Dev-Team Blog was updated today with the offical numbers of those taking advantage of Absinthe

491,325 new iPhone 4S devices
308,967 new iPad 2 Devices
152,940 previously jailbroken iPad 2 devices (iOS 4.3.3 JailbreakMe 3.0)

Total: 953,232 new A5 jailbreaks in a little over 3 days

iPhone Dev Team hacker MuscleNerd also tweeted that there were over 250,000 new Cydia installs this past weekend. This shows that a good amount of Absinthe downloads were by first-time jailbreakers who created a Cydia ID. I have installed Absinthe on my iPad 2 and on my iPhone 4S, love to finally have Cydia!

Come, join the party!

iPad Users Beware: Pinch Grip Syndrome

Tenosynovitis is a painful inflammation of the tendons of the thumb side of the wrist.
Dr. Randall West D.O. of Folsom, California, has recently diagnosed a number of patients with DeQuervain's Tenosynovitis. In all cases, they appear to be related to the continuous pinching force required to hold an electronic tablet.

"Recent cases have appeared that have been diagnosed as being caused by holding an electronic tablet using a 'pinch grip' with one hand while typing with the other. The forces exerted by the thumb required to counteract the cantilevered mass of the tablet, coupled with the downward pressure from typing with the opposite hand, are quite significant. An alternate means of supporting the tablet is preferred over using the 'pinch grip'," explained Dr. West.

My iPad is in a case when I use it most of the time, anyone having problems with pinch gripping their iPads?

Springtomize 2 For iOS 5 [iPad Cydia Tweak]

Now that your iPad 2 is jailbroken, which Cydia apps are compatible with iOS 5 and which ones should I buy first? A few of my favorite tweaks are Activator, SBSettings, Springtomize 2 and IntelliScreenX (Better on iPhone 4S though). Here is a video we did for Springtomize 2 on my iPad last month when the iOS 5 update was released.

A few issues have been discovered with functionality (rows/columns on springboard) with the iPad as compared to the iPhone 4. All the other aspects of Springtomize 2 seemed to work fine on my jailbroken iPad running iOS 5.

What is your favorite tweak for your jailbroken iPad 2?

Tablet Ownership Graph

According to the numbers released by Pew Research Center, now nearly 1 in 5 have a tablet computer. December 2011 compared to January 2012 shows that about 1 in 10 people in the U.S. got a tablet computer over the holidays. The Amazon Kindle Fire release before Thanksgiving with a $200 price tag certainly had something to do with this boost in sales.

Official iPad 2 sales number will be made available during the Apple Q1 FY12 Earnings release tomorrow. Many analysts have been adjusting numbers upward for iPad and iPhone sales.

Samsunged Commercial [Video]

According to the commercial, the Next Big Thing Is Already Here!

This commercial is taking a shot at the Apple iPhone 4S minimal changes.

This video is mocking the many iPhone 4S campers for buying a device very similar to the iPhone 4. I guess maybe you don't have to camp out for the Samsung Galaxy II...not really sure about the point.

12.01.23 iPad Breakfast

Sunday, January 22, 2012

iPhone 4S Photobooth Tweak

The iPad 2 and iPhone 4S have quite similar specifications, but Apple decided to leave out support for the popular iPad 2 standard app. iOS hacker @appled3v posted a video of Apple’s Photo Booth app for the iPad 2 installed on his jailbroken iPhone 4S.

Do you think you would be interested in a Photobooth Cydia tweak for the iPhone 4S?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

iPad 2 jailbreak with Absinthe [iOS 5.0.1]

p0sixninja and greenpois0n released the Absinthe jailbreak software for the iPad 2. Now this jailbreak tool is available to the public through the greenpois0n website. I just finished jailbreaking my iPad 2 a few minutes ago and will upload a video with the absinthe iPad 2 jailbreak in a few minutes.

Here is our video tutorial on how to jailbreak your iPad 2 with absinthe. [Here is the Download link]

Drop a comment below if you have any questions or comments on the iPad 2 jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1. This jailbreak took under 15 minutes and was quite easy to do. The greenpois0n server was down the first couple times I pinged it though.

Absinthe Served Over 1 Million On Launch Day

According to @p0sixninja (via Cult of Mac), over 1 million people downloaded Absinthe to jailbreak their iPad 2 or iPhone 4S. Previously, pod2g provided an untethered jailbreak for A4-powered devices. Initially there was only a Mac version available for download on Friday.

iPhone Dev Team hacker MuscleNerd also tweeted that there were over 250,000 new Cydia installs this past weekend. This shows that a good amount of Absinthe downloads were by first-time jailbreakers who created a Cydia ID. I have installed Absinthe on my iPad 2 and on my iPhone 4S, love to finally have Cydia!

I know that I'm definitely happy to be jailbroken again...and you?

Jailbreak iPad 2, iPhone 4S [Absinthe Windows]

Absinthe has been available to jailbreak for Mac users since yesterday to jailbreak your iPad 2 and iPhone 4S. Today the windows version of absinthe was made available to the jailbreak community.

I know that many of you have been waiting for this, so give it a try!

download absinthe for windows

Zephyr On Jailbroken iPhone 4S [Cydia Tweak]

Popular jailbreak developer created Zephyr for the iPhone and brings N9/iPad like gestures to the iPhone in elegant fashion. This tweak runs $2.99 from Cydia and can be installed on your iPhone 4S.

Step 1: Jailbreak your iPhone 4S with absinthe. Check out this video tutorial if necessary.

Step 2: Open Cydia and install Zephyr through the BigBoss repo.

Step 3: Restart your springboard, then start enjoying your multitasking gestures. Adjustments to Zephyr is available in the extensions in your Settings app.

Be sure to check out the other best Cydia tweaks for your iPad.

Friday, January 20, 2012

CLI iPad 2 jailbreak

As promised, the iPhone Dev team released the CLI iPad 2 jailbreak for iOS 5.0.1.

The Dev Team describes its CLI app:

“The OS X version of the CLI mentioned in the post can be downloaded here. It’s primarily to help us debug specific issues, but tinkerers might like to play around with some of its advanced options!”

CLI jailbreak which is compatible with both the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2. It’s still for Mac users only, but it does provide an alternative to the Absinthe iPad 2 jailbreak.

How to jailbreak your iPad 2 with Absinthe

About an hour ago, p0sixninja and greenpois0n released the Absinthe jailbreak software for the iPad 2. Now this jailbreak tool is available to the public through the greenpois0n website. I just finished jailbreaking my iPad 2 a few minutes ago and will upload a video with the absinthe iPad 2 jailbreak in a few minutes.

Here are the steps to jailbreak your iPad 2 with the absinthe jailbreak:

Step 1: Download absinthe jailbreak, Direct download for Absinthe jailbreak.

Step 2: Run the absinthe jailbreak on OS X

Step 3: Connect your iPad 2 (or iPhone 4S) to your computer running absinthe jailbreak tool.

Step 4: Be patient while your iPad 2 is being jailbroken

Step 5: Unlock your iPad 2 and look for the Absinthe jailbreak icon, and select that icon (try re-selecting if your get a database error).

Step 6: Your iPad 2 will reboot and the Absinthe icon will change into the Cydia icon

Step 7: Open Cydia and allow it to be configured and reboot again.

Step 8: Enjoy your jailbroken iPad 2 running iOS 5.0.1

Now that you have Cydia on your iPad, you can begin to install the best free Cydia tweaks and a few of the best paid cydia tweaks for your iPad! Some are not iOS 5 compatible yet, but with the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S jailbreak being made available the jailbreak developers will definitely get to work on the updates.