Thursday, December 20, 2012

NIBIQÜ Brings The Surface Keyboard To Your iPad [Kickstarter]

There is a new Microsoft Surface inspired Kickstarter project for the iPad with expected delivery in May 2013 assuming it is funded. This project is attempting to bring the innovative Surface keyboard cover and stand capability to your iPad, and seems to do an okay job based on the prototype.

The NIBIQÜ is very thin at 3.55mm thin, made out of TPU, polyurethane and aluminum and has a built-in 78-key keyboard. NIBIQÜ is ready to start mass production with your help and developers are hoping to raise $100k via a Kickstarter project to make it happen. Rewards start out with T-shirts and such, but a pledge of just $89 puts you on the pre-order list for special edition green one.

Here is the video on Kickstarter to check out the NIBIQÜ for yourself:

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