Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Jailbreak your iPad [Dream JB]

Dream Jailbreak, Dream JB for short is promising to bring the first untethered jailbreak to the iPhone 5 and iOS 6 in the next couple weeks. Many hackers are calling this claim by Dream JB a prank or fake, but many patient jailbreakers are ready to believe anything I guess.

Dream JB is promising an untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 5 and retina iPad in iOS 6. Developing this jailbreak outside of the normal developer crowd seems unlikely, but it is certainly possible that Dream JB is a 13 year old kid or a professor that found a way to deliver a jailbreak. Time will tell if Dream JB is for real or not!


  1. Anybody think that the fact its supposedly coming out the day after the world is supposed to end is a little coincidental?

  2. fake, if you whois, its a advertising site

  3. If it is not fake, many people will benefit form this jailbreak. Thanks to Dream JB


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