Friday, October 19, 2012

iPhone 5 Failbreak Brings iOS 6 Jailbreak Closer

According to planetbeing, the iPhone 5 failbreak has been upgraded with a kernel explot so tweaks can actually work on the iPhone 5. This brings almost a full tethered jailbreak to those with a developer account. Don't get to excited though, the Dev Team will likely hold off until a full untethered jailbreak can be delivered.

Planetbeing thinks that it would be silly to burn 3 iOS 6 vulnerabilities on the iPhone 5 to bring a tethered jailbreak when 4 will deliver a full untethered jailbreak. Currently, my iPhone 4S and iPad 3 are running untethered jailbreaks which are very nice...a tethered jailbreak can be a pain at times when your battery is low or you have to reboot your device.

Many of the tweaks and themes need to be updated for the larger iPhone 5 anyhow, this will give people time to prepare and upgrade their tweak functionality and theme design.

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