Thursday, September 6, 2012

Amazon Kindle Fire HD

Today at the Amazon event, there was no mention of a new smartphone from the Kindle creator...but instead a slew new tablet announcements. Amazon is calling the new tablet the Kindle Fire HD and also lowered the price of the original Kindle Fire from $199 down to $159.

The new Kindle Fire HD will be available in a 7-inch version for $199 and an 8.9-inch 16GB version for $299. Also announced today, was the availability of a 4G LTE-enabled Kindle Fire HD with 32GB of storage for $499...offering 250MB of data each month for $50 per year.

Kindle Fire HD preorders begin today, the 7-inch model will ship September 14th and the 8.9-inch models will ship November 20th. These tablets also offer two WiFi antennas to provide the fastest and clearest WiFi signal available for a tablet.

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