Friday, August 24, 2012

iPhone, iPad Apple Events

As the rumors are flowing around a September 12th announcement by Apple for the new iPhone, many competitors are trying to beat Apple to the punch. Samsung, Nokia, Amazon and Motorola have all announced dates for their events over the next couple weeks. Here are the competitor event notices and the expected announcements...

Samsung - August 29th event for Galaxy Note 2
Motorola - September 5th event likely for Droid RAZR HD
Nokia/Microsoft - September 5th event possibly for Nokia WP8 smartphones/tablet
Amazon - September 6th event for new Kindles, likely a Kindle Fire or smartphone

Many are expecting the new iPhone to be available on September 21st, 9 days after the announcement. The Daring Fireball opinion is "Why would Apple want a new iPhone and iPad to be announced at the same time" and it makes sense. Apple could let the buzz and reviews of the new iPhone die-down in October and announce the new iPad Mini and get the buzz going again before Christmas.

Event 1: September 12th: Announce new iPhone and iOS 6 (Available Sept 21st)
Event 2: October 16th: Announced new iPad Mini and possibly iPad or Apple TV refresh (Available October 26th)

Seems like a good idea to me, gives people a chance for their pocketbooks to catch up between announcements. Go get your will be good. Hopefully an iOS 6 jailbreak before Christmas!!

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