Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Robotics For iPad

Do you like traveling? Personally, I am not fond of spending my time in hotels, airports and spending my money on this effort. The guys at Double Robotics have a much more elegant way to be somewhere else without the jet lag, it is called Double and puts "Wheels on your iPad".

For a couple thousand dollars, you get a self-balancing iPad controlled stand that you can remotely control...essentially walking through an office and making chit chat with overseas employees. Other uses for the Double are:
  • Remote office drive-bys
  • School campus tours
  • Monitoring manufacturing
  • Staying in touch with families
  • Visiting museums and art galleries

Here is the video:

The battery lasts as long as a typical work day at 8 hours and will recharge much faster that I do after a full work day in only 2 hours. No iPad is included in the $2,000 pricetag, and Double weighs 15lbs.

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