Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Apple Product Announcements [AAPL]

The guys over at Business Insider put together this interesting chart showing how the Apple stock (AAPL) responses to rumors prior to an big event, and following the event. If you don't remember the initial iPad announcement in January 2010, many were disappointed with the new product...and thought it was a flop. In a couple years, the iPad is now the #2 money maker for Apple.

As you can see from the redline, the iPhone 5 event is already trending up with a date of September 12th being believe by many as the announcement date. iPhone 5 launch is expected on the following Friday, September 21st. Certainly more than just the new iPhone will be announced since there is still an iPod business and rumors of a smaller iPad may be realized as well...only time will tell.

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