Tuesday, July 24, 2012

iPad Sales Expectations (3Q2012)

Apple is set to report June quarter earnings tonight following the market closing, and the two most interesting numbers will be iPad and iPhone sales. Estimates from analysts vary, but after out to about 29 million iPhone units and around 16 million iPad units.

Other important numbers:
  • Mac sales: 4.1 million (estimate)
  • Revenue: $37.1 billion (estimate)
  • EPS: $10.36 (estimate)
  • September quarter revenue: $38 billion (estimate)
  • September EPS: Street consensus: $10.22 (estimate)
With iPad estimate number ranging from 16 million to 20 million, this could really lead to a blow to Apple if they miss these estimates. Last quarter, the iPad is the 2nd biggest revenue earner for Apple...many are expecting the highest sales numbers yet for the iPad. The highest iPad sales were during in the December quarter last year at 15.43 million.

Apple 2012Q3 Earnings call is at 2:00 pm PT today.

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