Monday, May 7, 2012

Springtomize 2 Piracy Data

Filippo Bigarella released one of my favorite iPad tweaks for iOS 4 and iOS 5 called Springtomize. I paid a couple bucks for it last year after I got my iPad jailbroken in iOS 4.3.3, then again I paid just $0.99 for an upgrade reworked Springtomize 2 for the iOS 5. Springtomize by Filippo brings the stability and integration of many springobard customization tweaks into one simply Cydia app which is configurable through your Settings iPad app.

Today, Filippo Biga released some interesting stats regarding Springtomize 2 For iOS 5, version 1.3 which was released less than 2 weeks ago. Springtomize 2 has received nearly 200,000 downloads, and approximately 1 out of 8 are running a tethered jailbreak in iOS 5.1...while the rest have stuck to a presumably untethered jailbreak in iOS 5.0.1.

The diversity of the hardware running Springtomize 2 is somewhat expected with nearly half of Springtomize 2 downloaders are using an iPhone 4. The iPhone 4S is in second with over one-fourth of the cydia tweak downloads. Surprisingly, the iPad combined with the iPad 2 is barely a blip on the pie chart with 1.44% and 7.05% of the downloads respectively.

One of the most shocking statistics, is the fact that only 8 out of 100 Springtomize 2 downloader actually paid the couple bucks for the developers effort. At 92% rate of piracy is not acceptable in my opinion...these developers work hard to put these tweaks together for the jailbreak community and provide updates and support.

Last year I spent about $5 - $10 per month buying Cydia tweaks to support the jailbreak community developers. The jailbreak community created a gesture keyboard idea for the iPad into SwipeSelection in Cydia within a day...and did it for FREE!


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