Thursday, May 31, 2012

Netflix iPad App Update

Netflix announced an updated version of their iOS app yesterday to improve the NetFlix iOS app experience for streaming movies and television to the iPad. Controlling cellular data usage with the ability to disable video straming while using 3G or 4G LTE will help to conserve monthly data limitations.

Here are the updates to the Netflix iOS app:
  • A more consistent look and feel to onscreen controls that tie-in with the look and color scheme displayed while browsing through selections on an iOS device
  • Playback controls have been optimized for touch devices – buttons and other elements are now larger and spread out more onscreen in an effort to prevent users activating the wrong control by mistake
  • An improved scrub bar with thumbnails is designed to make scanning backwards and forward within a video more useful and intuitive
  • Access to audio and subtitles settings along with other existing player features has been streamlined
Via Netflix Blog

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