Friday, May 4, 2012

Dreamboard Boxor HD, HoneyPad Pro

Brian at The Tech Erra has done a very nice tutorial on a couple cool Dreamboard themes for the iPad. The first is Boxor HD which give the Facebook fans a widget for up to the minute access, second is HoneyPad Pro which gives you the Android experience on your iPad with options for the ASUS Eee, Xoom, or HTC Flyer experiences.

Check out the tutorial:

HoneyPad Pro runs $3.99 and requires Dreamboard (Free) to install.

Boxor HD is $2.99 in Cydia for the iPad.

Both themes in Cydia are very well done and will provide a nice experience on the iPad, would like to see a Twitter based theme instead of Boxor focusing on the Facebook widget.

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