Thursday, April 12, 2012

Exclusive Foxconn "Making An iPad" [Video]

Apple and Foxconn gave permission for Rob Schmitz from Marketplace to capture some behind the scene footage of the iPad being built at Foxconn. He didn't manage to find any 13-year old workers on the job and didn't talk to anyone that was hurt by an explosion at the plant.

With over 200,000 other employees at the Longhua Foxconn facility, it is certainly hard to find a needle in a haystack. Many workers perform a simple task over and over again, thousands of times each 10 hour shift.

Luo Guofen says his supervisor ignored his sick-leave request and forced him to work over the weekend.

Luo Guofen: They won't even let you take a day off; it’s very annoying. You have to beg! Last year a bunch of us asked for a holiday before Chinese New Year. We pleaded for days, but it was rejected. I left anyway and got in a lot of trouble.

Luo's been here for two years. He installs Wi-Fi components in hundreds of iPads each day, and makes $378 a month. The money he's made help put his brother through vocational school. And last year he sent $2,000 home. He says his parents are using the money to build an addition to their home. He’s proud of that. I ask him if I can visit his family back in his village. The next day I'm on a 12-hour bus ride headed for rural Jiangxi province.

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