Monday, April 2, 2012

3 Out Of 4 Like New iPad For Superficial Reasons

Some research performed by ChangeWave has found that 75% of people like the new "high resolution retina display" most about their new purchase. In a distant 2nd, 22% say they like the long battery life, 21% say they enjoy 4G LTE connectivity.

On the other side, most people dislike the costs associated with owning a new iPad. One out of four dislike the "cost of the new iPad" and 23% dislike the "cost of wireless data plan" for full enjoyment of their iPad. If you are looking for something to dislike about the new iPad, then many will probably go after the price since Amazon is offering up a $200 alternative.

Finally, 82% are "very satisified" and another 16% are "somewhat satisfied" with their new iPad even though many have only had it for a few weeks now. This only leaves 2 out of 100 being unsatisfied with their new iPad, are you satisifed with your smartphone or new iPad?

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