Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WSJ: iPad HD To Have 4G LTE Support

This morning, the WSJ has gone out on a limb to suggest the iPad HD will include support for 4G connectivity. This will likely give Verizon a bit of leverage over competitors since their 4G LTE network coverage is more than twice that of their nearest competitor. It has been rumored that a Verizon iPad Bundle may be in the works, but won't of course, be unlimited data.

Last year, Verizon updated their data plans for the introduction of the iPad 2 for their network. Verizon is expected to announce something big soon, and many are assuming the details surround the Apple event on the iPad today. It would be really nice to be able to bundle my iPad along with my iPhone on a shared data plan, currently I tether my iPad to my iPhone instead of paying a monthly fee for continous connectivity.

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  1. Your AT&T prices are not current. 2GB's is no longer an option and 3GB cost $30.


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