Thursday, March 15, 2012

Will My iPad 2 Case Fit New iPad?

One of the more popular questions that I've been getting late is "will my iPad 2 case fit my 'new' iPad?" and the short answer is probably. If the case is flexible, it will likely fit just fine...the less flexible cases that have a hard shell will probably not fit. If you are using a plastic Wal-Mart sack to transport your iPad 2, you need read no further.

The exterior dimensions for the iPad 4G are the same at 241.2 mm by 185.7 mm, the only dimension that differs is the depth. The depth of the iPad 4G was increased from 8.8mm to 9.4mm or 0.023 inches. It is safe to bet that many iPad cases weren't built with this tight of tolerances, with the exception of the snap-on hard cases. I really doubt that the iPad 4G weight increase or distribution will affect iPad case functionality.

iPad 2 cases working with iPad 4G:
  • iPad 2 SmartCovers
  • Most Keyboard Folios
  • Fabric Bezel lining
  • DODOcase (seems to sit deep enough)

iPad 2 cases not working on iPad 4G:
  • HardShell From HardCandy
  • Powis iCase
  • Any case that the iPad 2 "snaps" into
Finally, one other item to consider is that the new iPad may have a slightly different edge taper than the iPad 2, especially since the thickness is larger. This taper may hinder an older DODOcase or Powis iCase, but it won't keep me from testing it out so I won't have to wait to have my iPad 4G protected from damage.

DISCLAIMER: I am not a 3rd generation iPad caseologist, nor do I have an retina iPad (yet). These are basic assumptions made, but risk always exists in applying a accessory to a product it was not designed for...we are not responsible should your new iPad fall out and land on your big toe.

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