Monday, March 19, 2012

What "New iPad" Capacity Do I Need?

Gene Munster has been interviewing people at Apple stores in line for the latest iPad each year since it was released. It looks like people are upping the capacity which is good for Apple's bottom line since the incremental cost is 75-85% profit. The cost for the NAND flash is $16.80 per 16GB for Apple, so if people pay $100 more for $16.80 worth of NAND Flash memory...Apple is making a killing. The ""New iPad" Production Cost increase for the 64GB version is $50.40 for the 48GB increase, bur results in a $200 iPad price increase from the 16GB version.

I recommend going for the 64GB on the "new iPad" since the apps are larger for the retina iPad and will eat up your available video, audio and iBook space on your iPad more quickly.

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