Monday, March 5, 2012

StockTouch For iPad

After the markets opened this morning, I thought I'd give StockTouch for iPad a try to see how it displays the market. It was easy to see why StockTouch was the winner of the Best Finance App For 2011 according to Apple.

StockTouch separates the market into nine sectors: Consumer, Services, Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Financial, Industrial, Materials, and Utilities. For each sector, the percentage or decrase for the day, week, or past 6 months is displayed depending on your settings.

You can tap on one of the 9 sectors to see the top 100 companies for that sector.  This provides the user a heat map for the sector, as you can see AAPL is up 4.31% for the past week.  The slider on the right hand side allows you to look back and see which stocks have outperformed or underperformed for the selected sector.

Now you can simply select AAPL (or any of the top 100 tech stocks) to view the 6 month change, up 45%.  The latest news for Apple is available along the bottom for this particular stock along with useful stock details for the savvy investor.

If you own an iPad and are the least bit interested in the stock market, you should definitely check out StockTouch. StockTouch is available for $4.99 from the Apple App Store

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