Friday, March 16, 2012

Retina iPad Space Limitations

Many interested in picking up the new iPad were disappointed that the largest iPad size remained at 64GB, preferring the next level up to 128GB. As retina enabled apps have been shown to be more than double the size of their predecessors, the 16GB version won't go very far. With the addition of HD video on your iPad, space management on your iPad may become a royal pain.

I went with the 16GB 1st-gen iPad, and ran into space limitations. For the iPad 2 I went with the 64GB version with no problems, typically I'm under 50GB. Now for the retina iPad, it seems that my high quality apps will be GB hogs and may result in managing apps. It would be nice to have a method to see the last time each iPad app was launched to determine the best ones to remove and open up space on the iPad.

I will keep you informed as this plays out...may need to up my space in iCloud!

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