Monday, March 12, 2012

Retina iPad Lines Now Forming

If you forgot to preorder your iPad online at the Apple Store, you still have a way to get your hands on the next iPad on launch day. You could join the two guys below that are already camped out at an Apple Store in London to get the retina iPad. If these guys pick up an extra iPad to sell (limit 2), they could definitely make it worth their time. In the UK is seems that the wait time for the iPad online is up to 2 weeks.

Via SlashGear

Here are some tips for waiting in line at an Apple Store:
  • Bring plenty of warm clothing
  • Bring a comfortable chair
  • Bring enough food for the wait time
  • Wait with a friend that can 'save your spot' while you use the bathroom
  • Find a spot near a plug in
  • Wait near a strong, free WiFi hotspot

The new iPad will not be shipping for 2-3 weeks....another reason to get in line!

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