Monday, March 19, 2012

New iPad Battery Testing

Decided to test my new iPad's battery on Saturday night and record it with a time lapse app on my iPhone. For the battery draining, it seemed logical to download the first season of Dexter and see whether the new iPad will last the full 10 hours stated in the specifications for WiFi connectivity. The battery drain took exactly 9 hours connected to my WiFi only, and the battery recharging took 7 hours and 8 minutes.

Below is the results table for the battery display percentage:

Here is the battery drain time lapse video:

Here is the battery recharge time lapse video:

Typically I use the Nightstand app in the evening while charging my iPad, with the display on all night with the brightness set really low. For the recharge test, you could argue that the display was on and extended the battery recharge time. I may run another test with periodic display wakes to determine the "actual" recharging time for the new iPad's 42.5 Watt-hour battery.

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