Tuesday, March 27, 2012

iPad 2 Vs "New iPad" Battery Charging

Decided to run a comparison test of the iPad 2 and New iPad Battery charging. I plugged in both the iPad 2 and 3rd-gen iPad at 9:22 AM yesterday with dead batteries, after a couple minutes they both are able to boot up and show 2% charge. While leaving both iPad's in sleep mode, they were woken up at 10:04 AM to show the iPad 3 charged at 13% and my old 2 showed a 23% charge.

After another hour at 11:09 AM I checked it again to see that the iPad 2 was charged to 58% and the 3rd-gen iPad at 37%. Again at 11:34 AM I woke up the devices to find the 3rd-gen iPad was at 41% and the iPad 2 had a battery charge of 70%. Again just before lunch at 11:59 AM I checked in to find the iPad 3 at half charge (49%) after nearly 2 and a half hours, while the iPad 2 was at 82% charge.

At 12:47 PM the iPad 2 was nearly fully charged at 96% and the new iPad was at 62%. At 1:04 PM the iPad 2 is fully charge (99%) while the iPad 3 is at two-thirds charge (67%). At 1:22 PM the iPad 2 is at 100% and the iPad 3 is at 72% battery charge. At 1:51 PM at 81% for the iPad 3, At 2:16 PM at 92% and at 3:12 PM the new iPad is fully charged


iPad 2 from 0-100% battery: 3 hours 45 minutes
iPad 3 from 0-100% battery: 5 hours 50 minutes
iPad 3 from 0-100% battery: 7 hours 10 minutes (display on, brightness low)

Check out the "Old iPad Vs iPad 2 Vs "New iPad" video as well!

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