Thursday, March 1, 2012

Expect Long iPad 3 Lead Times

Many people are probably holding off on an iPad 2 purchase, patiently waiting for Apple to unveil the next iPad (along with a price drop for the iPad 2). It took Apple nearly 6 months to get the first generation iPad caught up to demand, and for the first 4 months you had to wait over 1 week to get your hands on a purchased iPad 2. I would suspect the the iPad 3 shipping delays would follow the trend line for the iPad 2, leading to 3-5 weeks of waiting time for the iPad 3.

Even though the iPad 3 thickness is expected to increase a little over the iPad 2, people are going to be camping out to buy the new device. Personally, I am hoping the the iPad 3 has no home button. Apple would be commiting to a purely gestured-based iOS, I rarely find a need for the home button.

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