Friday, February 24, 2012

More On iPad 3 Display

The iPad 3 display screen according to recent iPad 3 rumors, appears to weigh around 0.6 ounces lighter than the iPad 2 display, both displays are the same dimensions. The LCD cable on the iPad 3 is slightly larger than the one for the iPad 2. This may be on purpose so people don't merely install a retina display panel on their iPad 2.

When comparing under a microscope, it was found that the dimensions were 2048 x 1536 for the iPad 3, or approximately 260 pixels per square inch. Overall, slightly less that the 300 pixels per square inch for the iPhone 4/4S retina display. Plenty for the 1920 by 1080 required for full 1080p HD, basically the quality of Bluray.

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