Tuesday, February 21, 2012

iPad Cydia Tweak: Graviboard For iOS 5 [Video]

Yesterday afternoon, Conrad Kramer updated his chaotic cydia tweak for the iPad for iOS 5 functionality. Graviboard for iOS 5 is available in a free update for previous owners of Graviboard, and will be offered for only $0.99 for new customers for a couple days. The price I paid for this Cydia tweak was the original price of $2.99. You have the capability to adjust the gravity, friction and bounciness of the icons while being subject to gravity.

Graviboard doesn't add a new icon to your springboard, but can instead be customized in the extensions section of your settings. Graviboard is "launched" with an Activator action, and the home button returns the your springboard from the craziness of Graviboard. There are options to include or not include the dock icons, turn on/off app launching and disable page swiping. Graviboard is also interactive on your iPad with finger mode creating either a gravity well, anti-gravity well, or enabling you to toss the icons around on your springboard.

Graviboard 2 is available for FREE for previous tweak supporters and the regular price is $2.99...head over to Cydia and check it out. One of the best tweaks out there!

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